Five Things to Remember When Installing Gas Struts

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Gas struts are an ideal solution for using tension when opening or closing a hatch, window or another device. If you want to keep them in good working order, you need to be careful of a few things when installing them.

Use them in pairs  

It is very important that you avoid side forces on the gas struts — the force should apply along the length of the strut. Using a single strut on its own can make it prone to lateral forces which can cause it to bend or break. Installing them in pairs is a good way to strengthen them and avoid these forces.

Use ball joint fixings

Another way to prevent these side forces is to use ball joint fixings when installing the struts. This will help to absorb any forces that are not working along the length of the strut. You should make sure that the studs are screwed in thoroughly so that the joint itself is not loose.

Point the rods down

A third thing to remember is to install the gas struts with the rods pointing down. Gas struts contain lubrication which ensures that the rod can move in and out smoothly. By pointing the rods downwards, gravity allows the lubrication to stay around the rods and keep everything working properly. You should also keep the rod down if you are storing the gas struts before fixing them in place.

Don't paint them

Fourthly, keep paint away from the gas strut. It should not harm the strut if the outer surface is painted, but it is very easy for the paint to get onto the rod. If this happens, the seal could fail and the gas strut will stop working. You should also avoid getting solvents on the strut as this could clean away the lubricant, which can again cause the seal to fail.

Don't grip the rod

Finally, try to avoid using any force to grip the rod. Don't hold the rod in pliers or any kind of gripping device. It is very easy to use too strong a grip, which can cause damage to the rod and stop it from working. It can also allow some of the lubricant and even the gas to leak from the strut.

Used correctly, gas struts will be long-lasting and provide a smooth operation. Just ask your suppliers if you have any other questions about how to install them.