Facts to Know When Working With 2-Pack Spray Paints

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Two-pack spray paints encompass several epoxies, polyurethane and some acrylic-based chemicals that contain a base component coupled with a catalyst or hardener such as a polyisocyanate resin. The type of paint is common in auto repair shops that deal with bodyworks. Because of a combination of the chemicals, 2-pack spray painting produces a durable finish that most car owners prefer. However, due to the associated risks of inhalation of toxic chemicals, it is recommended that any 2-pack spray painting job be done in a professional environment by experienced painting technicians. Here are facts to know when working with 2-pack spray paints.

Professional Painting Services -- If you know your way around a spray-painting project and you are handy, you can attempt 2-pack spray painting. However, there are several reasons why the project is best left to professionals. First, 2-pack spray painting requires the use of personal protective equipment (PPE), such as air-purifying respirators and gloves, because of the cocktail of harmful chemicals in the paint. Second, you need to have a spray booth that is specifically for monitoring ventilation conditions. A spray booth also prevents the spray chemicals from escaping into the air. Third, only experienced spray painters know the amount of thinner that needs to be mixed with 2-pack paints. Unlike single-pack variants, 2-pack paint needs fewer thinners to make it viscous. An experienced technician will know the right mixture that will produce an even coat on a vehicle.

Single-Pack and 2-Pack -- Most customers who want their cars to be spray-painted will probably have no idea about the difference between the single-pack and 2-pack spray paints. The former does not make use of a hardener, while 2-pack paints require hardeners for added durability. Moreover, the use of fewer thinners in 2-pack paints makes the colours more vibrant and bright compared to single pack spray paints. Therefore, if you want your vehicle to withstand the tough outdoor conditions in Australia, then 2-pack painting might be your preferred choice.  

Benefits of 2-Pack Spray Painting -- The combinations of chemicals used in 2-pack spray paints together with the hardener causes the paint to dry faster without the need of a solvent. In this regard, the paint does not evaporate, leading to a harder, more luxurious and thicker finish. Moreover, 2-pack spray paints are longer-lasting and simple to clean. Also, the hardening implies that the paint does not peel off easily. Furthermore, there are several types of finishes, including satin, metallic, matte and gloss for different applications based on customers' preferences.

To learn more, contact a shop that offers 2-pack painting services.