How Do You Create Perfect Concrete Pillars?

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If you are designing a structure that requires the creation of concrete columns, then you will need to give some thought to how those columns are going to be created. Traditionally, these may have been produced off-site and then delivered to the location where they will be used, or they could be created on-site. Whichever method was chosen, it often took considerable effort to create a perfect concrete pillar. A fairly new technique which has been growing in popularity in recent years has been the use of cardboard tubes, such as Formtubes, which allow the column to be created rapidly.

How do these tubes work?

A Formatube is simply a cardboard tube which is placed wherever you need the concrete column to be. The tube is lined with plastic so that the surface is water resistant and smooth. This allows the concrete to be poured into the tube, where it is allowed to set. The tube is braced into position with lightweight timber until it is fully set. After around twenty-four hours, the cardboard tube can be removed and the perfect concrete pillar exposed, ready to be painted.

Here are three reasons that cardboard tubes, such as Formatubes, could be the right solution the next time you need to create perfectly smooth concrete pillars.

Tubes are available in a range of sizes - Whatever size of pillar you need, you can create it using Forrmatubes, or a similar cardboard tube. Talk to your nearest supplier, and they will be able to show you the range of tube sizes that they stock. If they can't supply exactly what you need, then you can simply cut one to the desired size with a handsaw.

The pillars can be reinforced - If you need your concrete to be reinforced to provide extra strength, then this production method makes it easy. The steel reinforcing material can be placed inside the tube before the concrete is vibrated to remove the unwanted air bubbles.

The tubes can be used both above and below ground - While often you need a pillar above ground, there are times when concrete pillars are used below ground to stop soil from collapsing while digging is in progress.

If you want to know more about the advantages which these tubes can offer to your building project, then speak to your supplier today. They will be delighted to help you choose the perfect tube for your next concrete column.