3 Guidelines for Properly Maintaining Your Tractor Scrapers

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Scrapers are very essential in the mining and aggregate business. They are the ideal machinery for moving huge volumes of material over long distances. They are popular because they have their own mechanism of picking and delivering the material without the need of loaders and off-loaders. However, their design and how they operate, makes them prone to a lot of tear and wear. It is advisable to have regular maintenance checks on the tractor to make sure that it does not have hidden damages. Here are three guidelines which you can follow for the best tractor maintenance. 

Choosing the Right Scraper

The issue of proper scraper maintenance starts with choosing the right scraper.  As a mine operator, you will find a variety of scraper designs available in the market. The design you choose determines the stress you will go through when handing it, and the expenses you will make in the process. When choosing a scraper, you also have to consider the condition of the mine site. Most scrapers will need a filter change every five hundred hours. When the hydraulic oil, transmission oil filters and other parts are in perfect working condition, the scraper will use minimum fuel, and operate at maximum speed. 

Choose a Competent Operator

The other maintenance tip which will help you a lot is picking an experienced person to handle the maintenance process. A competent operator will check for any damages to all parts of the system, cracked welds, ejector problems, the ejector roller, hitch pins and stops. If there are any fragments which block the flow of air around the moving parts, the operator will find and fix them. They will also follow the right safety measures when operating the machines to avoid ruining parts.

Get the Right Maintenance Manual

All tractors come with very specific recommendations on maintenance. One of the basic requirements is about proper greasing of the parts. The scrapers are a little more complex than simple or open bowl machines. The manual will also dictate the number of hours after which the maintenance should be carried out. 

These are the crucial maintenance tips to always think about when buying and installing the parts of a scraper. Start by asking a competent scraper supplier to recommend a model. Then, have a trained and experienced operator to help you with the day to day maintenance. This will give you machinery in perfect working condition.