Key Features of a Top-Quality Hand Sanitiser Stand

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Employee illness and absenteeism affect productivity and a company's bottom line. Using hand sanitisers are an excellent way to prevent illnesses in the workplace since they help to kill disease-causing germs. It is mainly the case if you consider that 80% of all common infections are spread by hands. That said, hand sanitisers are only useful if they are accessible to both employees and customers, and this is only possible with hand sanitiser stands. The stands promote the effective placement of hand sanitisers, consequently enhancing hygiene in the workplace. Since there is a plethora of hand sanitiser stands in the market, this article highlights key aspects you should focus on when buying one.

Height Adjustable 

Some of the hand sanitiser stands you will come across in commercial facilities have a fixed average height. However, customers and employees have height differences; therefore, some people might struggle to sanitise their hands. For instance, when a stand is set relatively low, tall customers and employees have to stoop low to sanitiser their hands. On the other hand, a stand that is set relatively high is a problem for short employees and customers. Therefore, it is best to spend money on hand sanitiser stands with adjustable heights since they cater to all people regardless of height.


Another common feature with standard hand sanitiser stands is that they are hand-operated. Therefore, users must press a dispenser with their hands to release the sanitiser. However, this is counterproductive because many people will touch a dispenser, thereby leaving behind dangerous germs and bacteria on the dispenser's surface. It defeats the primary objective of having a hand sanitiser stand in the workplace. A better alternative is a foot-operated hand sanitiser stand. As its name suggests, a foot-operated hand sanitiser stand only requires pressure from the foot to dispense a sanitiser. Consequently, it eliminates the chances of bacteria pooling on a sanitiser bottle, thereby enhancing good health.

Broad Heavy Base 

High-traffic areas are the perfect locations to place a hand sanitiser stand. However, the stand will be subjected to constant shoving and moving as employees and customers use it. If a stand is not stable enough, the chances are high that it will keep toppling over, and that is the last thing you need. It is usually the case with hand dispenser stands with small bases that are made of light material such as plastic. For this reason, ensure that you look for a hand sanitiser stand with a broad base made of heavy materials. Such a stand will remain in place regardless of how busy a workplace is.