Top Tips When Buying A Petrol Generator

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Petrol generators are your best bet when working in remote areas that do not have any power. Besides, many businesses and industries install generators to provide backup power when they have power outages. Read this extract for some tips on how to purchase petrol generators.

Calculate The Amount Of Power You Need

What appliances or equipment will the generator run? Calculate the wattage of each machine to know the total watts you need. Ideally, you should buy a generator that has some extra watts. As such, you do not need to purchase a larger generator once you buy new equipment.

Consider Reputable Manufacturers

Conduct extensive research to identify companies that manufacture durable equipment. Consider the following when assessing the various manufacturers:

  • What is the generator's warranty? Years of warranty is a guarantee that the manufacturer is confident that the equipment will not break down.
  • Consider manufacturers that provide after-sales support such as free installation and provision of spare parts.
  • Check internet reviews to identify any problems that the generator might develop. Additionally, check the generator's preventive maintenance procedure. For example, you may need to change rubber components.
  • Most buyers will go for the cheapest generator. However, you should choose a durable product that is reasonably priced. 

Generator Specifications

Check the specifications of the generator that you intend to purchase. Most generators are rated for domestic or industrial use. Industrial generators are designed to work for hours without developing any problems. On the other hand, domestic generators are best suited to run small appliances for a few hours. You may want a generator with a transfer switch. It automatically turns on the generator once you have a power outage. The generator will switch off when the power is back. You would also be concerned about the generator's noise levels. Some manufacturers will provide an enclosure that will drastically reduce the generator's noise levels. If you intend to use the generator outdoors, go for a weatherproof rated generator.

Buying Used Generators

When buying a used generator, run it to ensure it does not have any problems. Additionally, ask the seller for service records to know whether they serviced the generator on time. Some used generators may have a manufacturer's warranty. If this is the case, ask for the generator's warranty card. If you would want to purchase the used generator online, work with sellers that have positive reviews. If possible, use an escrow service to avoid unscrupulous sellers.

When buying a petrol generator, determine the number of watts required, consider reputable manufacturers, check the generator specifications and observe the recommended tips when buying used petrol generators.