What Are the Benefits of Using Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheets?

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If you need to buy polycarbonate sheets, then you can go for single sheets or multiwalled ones. While single sheets of polycarbonate are a good fit in some situations, there are times when a multi-layered solution is a better option.

How are multiwalled polycarbonate sheets made, and what are the advantages of using them?

What Are Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheets?

Multiwall sheets are made up of various layers of polycarbonate to a set design. For example, if you buy a twinwall product, then the sheets have solid bottom and top layers with a gap between them.

The gap between the two solid layers is filled with lined ridges of polycarbonate, called flutes. The finished product kind of looks like a plastic version of corrugated cardboard. The finished sheets are smooth and even, but you can see the ridged flutes in the middle.

Why Use Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheets?

Regular one-layer polycarbonate is robust and strong. However, if you want to add extra strength to your sheets, then a multiwall product might be a better bet.

The ridges that sit between the two sheet layers give the finished sheeting extra strength. They reinforce the two outer sheets and create a stronger finished product. They also increase its impact resistance so it becomes harder to damage.

However, as polycarbonate is a very light material, the flutes and additional layers won't significantly affect the weight of the plastic. You do get a stronger sheet, but you won't have to sacrifice any weight advantages that the polycarbonate gives you in the first place.

If you construct polycarbonate sheets in multiple layers, then you also get better insulation qualities. The multiple sheets and flutes create better thermal efficiency. They can trap and hold heat or cold. They can also act as a barrier to keep heat and cold out of areas.

This design also has some acoustic benefits. For example, if you were to use multiwall polycarbonate sheets as an alternative to Perspex screens, then you might get more noise-dampening benefits. The gap between the top and bottom sheets and the flutes work to prevent some noise passing through the material.  

Multiwall polycarbonate sheets come in different designs, sizes, thicknesses and colours. To find the best solution for your manufacturing or project needs, it's a good idea to contact polycarbonate sheet suppliers. Once you tell them what you want to do with the sheeting, they can help you find the best solution.