Different Specifications You Can Provide When Purchasing Perforated Metal

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If you are interested in purchasing perforated metal for making decorative items or just about anything, then you can place a custom order if you want to. This gives you the option to purchase metal that will work perfectly for your project. These are some of the different specifications that you can provide when you purchase perforated metal.

The Gauge of the Metal

If you are going to be using the perforated metal to make something that needs to be thick, durable, and strong, then you may want to choose a heavier gauge metal. If you want to make sure that the metal is easy for you to work with, and if you don't mind if the finished product is a bit less sturdy, then you may want to look for a lighter gauge metal. There are plenty of in-between options that you can choose from, too, if you are looking for a metal that is both durable and easy to bend, cut, and otherwise work with.

The Type of Metal

You can actually purchase perforated metal in a variety of different types. You can choose from steel, carbon steel, aluminium, and a variety of other metals, too. This means that you can choose a metal that you like the look of or that you think will be most durable and suitable for the project that you have in mind.

The Style of Perforation

Of course, since you have decided that perforated metal is what you want to purchase, one of the main things that you might want to pay attention to when placing your order is the style of the perforation. For example, you can choose the size of the openings in the metal; for some projects, very small openings are the best choice. However, for some projects, bigger openings are more aesthetically pleasing and easily visible.

Not only can you choose the size of the openings, but you can choose the shape, too. Round or oval-shaped openings are very common. However, you can also purchase perforated metal that has square, hexagonal, or decorative openings, too. Consider the look that you want your finished product to have, and check out some of the different perforation styles so that you can choose the one that you like.

As you can see, there are various different specifications that you can provide when you are purchasing perforated metal. As long as you provide the specifications above, you are sure to end up with perforated metal that is perfect for your project.